Take a peek at the first Forró Festival in Finland

Music by Não é Proibido recorded during the Festival
Video by Aatu Erik

The festival is the product of a shared dream. It is the desire of people to be closer to each other. The desire to share from our soul with our loved ones. Have we met them before or not.

Our thanks remains to everyone who participated, organized or supported this event and dream. It would not have been as amazing without you.

We were 50 people from 11 different nationalities sharing this amazing weekend long experience!

Some of what happened:

But the most beautiful was how everyone touched each other's soul in the connections that happened.

Yours lovingly,
Felipe & Annariikka

25th Sep 2015 - added details in 15 May 2016


Kindly provided by Sanni Airaksinen, Verena Lang, Aatu Erik.