Forró ForLove Festival in Helsinki | 10-12 August 2018

Forró ForLove Festival in Finland | 10-12 August 2018

Forró ForLove was born out of love for life and enthusiasm to bring people together, creating more spaces for embodied connection, meaningful interaction and the empowering joy of learning and sharing through dance.

Forró ForLove means welcoming all, embracing diversity and creating spaces where everyone can feel loved and accepted. We thrive on small details that makes this festival different. We believe to offer you a strong sense of community and belonging turning it into a memorable festival experience.

In this second edition of Forró ForLove Festival we bring the event to the beautiful capital, Helsinki, which lies at the shores of the Baltic sea surrounded by clean, green nature everywhere you look, blending culture from the East and West. Helsinki will provide you an exquisite cultural experience with almost never-ending long and light summer nights made to extend the joy of forró!

The days will be filled with high quality workshops and the long nights full of dancing at parties. Since we're in Finland there will of course be an opportunity to combine all this with our traditional healing experience: Sauna.

We are looking forward to meeting new friends and dancing with you! Bring your lovely vibe to the mix and let's celebrate life together!


Our intention is to offer high-quality forró classes and complement it with classes that are aimed at improving your dancing experience in different ways. In addition to classes, we will have different activities throughout the days and the evenings. The sea and parks are near the venue so you can easily take breaks and enjoy the outdoors as well.

On Saturday you don't even need to leave the venue, we can spend the whole day together starting with workshops, continuing with a Sauna party and Brazilian dinner continuing to the evening party.

Sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture, and it reminds of the Brazilian heat. Sauna has many functions in Finland, for example it's a place to relax, rejuvenate, purify, enjoy the company of friends and family. At the Sauna party we get to share this with some Forró playing in the background and enjoy a delicious Brazilian dinner too. Bring your own towel and bathing suit.

Our intention is to bring people together to enjoy the dance, create and strengthen connections and celebrate moments in life. With the program we aim to support this intention and invite everyone attending to feel part of it too.

The detailed program will be published soon.


The festival will take place at the Cultural Centre Sähinä. It is located on one of the islands over which Helsinki extends, Lauttasaari. At Sähinä there are two spacious dance studios, cozy hanging out areas, sauna and party area in the basement and Makers Cafe serving delicious and nutricious vegetarian and vegan food and delicacies for us. There are also grocery stores within a few hundred meters from the venue.

Address: Heikkiläntie 10, Helsinki - Google Maps

Arriving to Sähinä

Sähinä is about 4,5 kilometers from the Central Railwaystation, at the city centre. You can reach the venue easily by metro in about 20min from the city centre. Take the metro towards Matinkylä or Tapiola and get off at Lauttasaari station. From there it's a 8min walk to Sähinä. Also bus number 21 takes you from the city centre (Erottaja) almost to the doorstep of Sähinä.

More on Public Transportation

You can buy tickets for public transportation from blue ticket machines at the stations. Single tickets are about 3 € and daily tickets get cheaper the more days you buy. More info on HSL - Tickets and Fares.

There are night buses all night going back to the city centre after the parties. We can provide more information when the summer schedules are published.

There are city bikes all around and they can be convenient for moving around in the city.

There is a very easy-to-use route planner for Helsinki area available in English and Google Maps works as well.

Arriving to Helsinki - from the airport

There is a train from the airport that takes about 30 minutes to the city centre. When arriving to the airport, follow the train signs and you'll arrive to the station from where you can buy a single, regional ticket for 5€ from the blue ticket selling machine.


There are hotels and hostels in different parts of the city, most options available are near the city centre. For example will show you the availabilities and we will soon provide some recommendations here too.

Airbnb is also an option with variety of smaller and bigger apartments around the city. If you're looking to share with a bigger group, the price can be very reasonable.

For couchsurfing with forrozeiros, contact us at and we will try to find a host for you.

We have made a list with some accommodation possibilities.

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The full festival pass includes entrance to the venue, workshops and evening parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Sauna party + Brazilian dinner has a separate cost and can be added after clicking buy. Tickets to parties can be bought separately at the party entrance or through the party pass below.

Forró ForLove Festival 2015 - Finland